How to Earn Bug Bounty as a Professional Bug hunter

2 min readJan 29, 2024

Hi Horbio this side ,

Most of the beginners want to earn money from bug bounty but they still stuck there when they did not get any type of bug. Some are try to find bug but some newbies have lot of questions before starting bug bounty such as :

Q: How to choose perfect target ?

Q: This is the right way to finding the bug ?

Q: Can i get bug bounty in this program ? because there are lot hackers works on it and they already find a bug and secure their website .

Q: am i a professional ?


these type of questions are going in their mind and they did not get a bug.

so don’t warry when horbio is here , i will help you to get a right approach

first of all you read my previous article which helps to find your first valid bug for boost your confidence. After that you can join my live classes of bug bounty hunting , how to choose target and how to find bugs .

you can join me on youtube and learn bug hunting for boost your skill and confidence

Bug bounty live :

Always Be Professional (Mr.Horbio)