How to learn Hacking From 0 to Hero

2 min readDec 11, 2023

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Today , I am talking about How to become a Hacker.

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How you can learn Hacking from Internet?

How to Build Your carrier in Cybersecurity?

These are the questions mostly peoples search on the Internet, who wanna Become Hacker.

So Today I’ll discuss about the path and also Video stuff so that you will learn Hacking easily.

First of all , You need to learn Computer fundamentals and working of Computer.

Now you are able to start your learning for Ethical Hacking.

Step 1: Learn Networking concepts (all important topics are on our youtube channel ,link in the end of the article).

Step2: Learn All about Operating system (windows and linux ).

Step3: Learn one Programming language ( Python, Go etc.).

Now after learn these topic you need to choose one specific domain in Cybersecurity.

Lot of domains are available in cybersecurity but you need to be master in a specific domain.

I’ll discuss more about it for next article and also discuss how to choose right path in cybersecurity domain ,so follow me on medium so that you never miss out any article about your carrier . Also follow on Youtube channel to learn ethical hacking .


Also we will discuss about cybersecurity domains in next article.

so I think you understand what is the roadmap of Learn Hacking .

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