1 min readAug 11, 2023


Stagnography is hidden communication

Hi and welcome back to my another article . Today I am talking about stagnography which is used for hidden communication or secret massage . Stagnography is used by hackers for sharing hidden msg , it could be pic , audio file, video file and zip format .

Cyber criminals use this technique

For communication and they send hidden messages to each other .

In Normal life we can use this technique for sharing our password or something secret 🔑

Stagnography is also used for spread viruses 🦠 .

Example: let’s suppose I want to send my secret toy friend and he is also familiar with stagnography now he knows how to see hidden data and how to hide data using stagnography .Now I am sending his pic normally it is a pic ( normal people) but actually it is a secret 🤫.

This is all about of stagnography .

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